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Welcome to the Free Worlds of Humanity.

This site has the most up-to-date cannon information about the story of Free Worlds. Any other source besides the author's website with additional listed information should not be taken as credible. This site will have more depth into Free Worlds of Humanity with back story on specific events from book 1.

When 1.5 is released later this year (short stories from the Free Worlds), additional information will be posted here with alerts through our newsletter advising of the updates. The same will apply to books 2, 2.5, and 3.

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War. Humanity. Death. Simple words which define occupied space.

We welcome you to the human race.

(Note: Information on this site contains spoilers from book 1. We recommend reading the first book before proceeding.)


Free Worlds of Humanity takes place at an unknown point within our distant future. The area of space occupied by people is roughly two hundred lightyears across, with at least 222 air-breathing planets. Most of these worlds were created artificially, using Old World technology during the time of the Titans to mirror Earth before the Great Darkness. Free Worlders refer to habitable space as occupied because, in the early days out of darkness, humanity believed the Titans would return one day to reclaim what was theirs.

Occupied Space within 'Free Worlds of Humanity' by Anthony Almato