Invasion Of Gliese

Invasion of Gliese
Illustration by VShane
Conflict Opening battle which lead to third Franchise War
Date 740 Relations Station Calendar / 0 BGI
Place Rogue World Gliese
Outcome Occupation of Gliese
Stalemate between Dolrinion Offensive and Federate Corporation
Combatants (Dolrinion Offensive)
Force Command Red Legion
Force Command Jackhammer
Force Command War Dogs
(Federate Corporation)
Sister Company Excalibur Industries
Sister Company Tri-Co
(Natives of Gliese)
Frogmen special service branch
Native military
Strength (Dolrinion Offensive) unknown
(Federate Corporation) unknown
(Gliese natives) unknown
Commanders (Dolrinion Offensive)
Lieutenant Ballo Red Legion husk commander
(Federate Corporation)
(Gliese Natives)

The Invasion of Gliese is the most significant battle of the modern age for Free Worlds of Humanity because of what followed after the beginning. Hostilities between the Dolrinion Offensive and Federate Corporation had always been high. After this invasion, tempers trickled across to the other Free Worlds governing bodies and created increased tension and hostilities among representatives inside the Capitol Forum and their governments. This battle was fought on the rogue world Gliese between Dolrinion Offensive sentinels and Federate Corporation operators, with the natives of Gliese caught between both opposing forces trying their best to defend themselves with inferior technologies.


Force Command Overwatch through Left Seat Representative Halku, one of five supreme generals of Overwatch, received actionable intelligence through Human Alliance Right Seat Representative Christopher Floros, The Silent Lion, that Sister Company Excalibur Industries and Tri-Co were massing for an invasion of rogue world Gliese, which resided one FTL jump away from the Demilitarized Zone between Dolrinion and Federate military forces. Having a foothold on a planet so close to the zone would grant a significant tactical advantage to either side.

Center Seat Representative Boran, Man of Many Numbers, from Tri-Co, was given similar intelligence claiming that Dolrinion Offensive forces were already moving towards the planet. Without delay, Federate operators were mustered and deployed to counter.

Representatives Halku and Boran were both smart enough to take any information given by another Free Worlds government with a grain of salt, yet both sides accepted the knowledge shared and acted accordingly. Speculation can be made that both Dolrinion and Federate leadership desired these events because it had been hundreds of years since the last Franchise War.


Federate Corporation hoppers dropped rapidly. Rippling air that seemed like waves pushed off the sides of those ships. Combat hard drops from two Free Worlds militaries, and we were caught in the middle. I felt like a slice of meat between two pieces of bread. Not a great outcome for the meat.

Doctor Pask, Free Worlds archaeologist from the relations station

The native population of Gliese had no prior knowledge of the invasion that occurred on their world. Their government was fully aware that occupied space had billions of human inhabitance, and they were also aware of their planet’s proximity to the Demilitarized Zone between two opposing Free Worlds societies. This data led the governing body of Gliese to build up their inferior defenses to the best of their ability and create safe havens within the marshlands that covered nearly fourteen percent of the planet.

When Gliese’s primitive satellites in orbit detected warships jumping out of FTL, they immediately enacted their defense plans. Special service soldiers known as Frogmen began evacuating civilians into local and marshland underground bunkers to withstand the assault. Federate Air and Space Cab fleets went headlong into Dolrinion battlegroups engaging with their flak walls and fusion warheads while landing parties descended on Gliese with millions of soldiers between both sides. Native military forces engaged surface-to-air rockets and launched their orbit ballistic missiles at the battling warships in space.

Dolrinion drop capsules from Force Command Red Legion were the first crafts to land. Nearly one-fourth of the first wave husks were shot out of the sky by native military forces. The drop capsules engaged land defenses and shot at Federate hoppers that were also committing to a hard drop on the planet.

The first combatants to engage each other were native military forces from Gliese and Force Command Red Legion. After sentinels of the Legion made quick work of these inferior forces, they met Federate operators and battle bots in random locations across the planet while civilian natives tried to flee with local military forces doing their best to protect the civilians.

A counter-attack from Gliese military forces occurred during the heat of battle between Dolrinion and Federate landing parties. Many sentinels and operators died as Gliese military forces did everything they could to hold off the invasion. It wasn’t long before Air and Space Cab and Dolrinion battlegroups attacked from space to crush Glieses remaining defenses so they could reengage each other with trouble from the natives.


The fighting on Gliese between our Corporation and the Offensive was why everyone was on edge.

Mace Applegate

After the dust settled, Dolrinion Offensive force commands took control of forty-two percent of Gliese. Federate Corporation operators retained forty-four percent while the marshlands, fourteen percent of the planet’s surface, was an uncontrollable area by either side because native Frogmen forces conducted hit and run attacks on both Dolrinion and Federate occupation forces. Marshland swamps are so thick that deployments inside this area were nearly impossible. Bombing campaigns didn’t deter Frogmen attacks either.

Additional force commands came to the planet, including BlackRock, Brim Fire and First Ones, to help manage occupation and hardening of defenses.

Areas classified as no-go zones (also known as No Man's Land) between both sides became scorched earth and death from the constant bombardment of both sides. Forward occupation bases lined trenches and barrier walls. Natives that weren’t able to remain hidden underground or hiding in the marshlands were forced to obey the established rule of law from both occupying forces. Federate Corporation vice-presidents were more lenient with native locals. Dolrinion generals treated natives in their territories as slaves.

Tensions within the Capitol Forum on the relations station went to an all-time high after this invasion which caused other events to take shape, leading to worsening relations between the five Free Worlds governments.

Invasion of Gliese – this term is loosely used for many references related to the initial attack and current occupation.