Hammer Of Labor

hammer of labor
Illustration by Pedro Moran
Creation Between 1932 and 1950 BGI
Symbolism Labor Party of Uropa
Current wielder Labor Party leader Center Seat Representative Henry McWright
Union emblem count 24

The Hammer of Labor is the most powerful symbol within the Colonial Accord’s Labor Party. Its creation and first wielder were fundamental rallying cries decreed for the use of power and industry to lead the six worlds of the Accord away from the Great Darkness. The hammer's famous forging by Alicus the Smith and her legendary underground kilns of Warwick are taught throughout the Accord in primary school, even on Ardum, the power seat for the Rose of Enduring. Although most outside societies view the Hammer of Labor as a war weapon, it was never meant to signify such a claim. Alicus was a master crafter who spent years perfecting her art and was said to hold secrets from the Old World that allowed her to melt stone and reshape it to her needs. At the direction of Lee Tananbalm, first leader of Labor, Alicus sealed the emblem crests of each Union of Labor upon the stone before settings the final shape. Those unions were the core foundation of the Labor Party, utilizing their power to industrialize and expand.

Of the first twenty-four Unions of Labor, only sixteen remain due to the infighting between Labor through the last 1932 years. Others have replaced those that fell, and there are currently well over nine hundred Labor Party unions throughout the six worlds. Some of the most famous among them are:

Twenty-Third Entente

Federation of Iron Workers

Alliance of Mass Transit

Fraternal Order of Operating Engineers

Colonial Steel Workers Association

Farmers Association of the Accord

Fourth Union

Current Location

The Hammer of Labor always stays with the party leader. A position voted on by all Labor Party union presidents. It currently resides in Center Seat Representative Henry McWright’s back office under the dome behind the Capitol Forum, which is uncommon because traditionally, the party leader keeps their seat of power within the capital city of Warwick on Uropa.

Historical context

Information about the Hammer of Labor is written down in a fabled manner. Lee Tananbalm, the first leader of Labor, carried the hammer on his belt daily. Lee preached philosophies that would become the root of all union power through the wheels of industry and development. Paintings from the Union Wars to unify Uropa under a single leadership always displayed Lee’s hammer on his hip. It was only ever meant to be a symbol of Labor and not a weapon, though many years later, the hammer was wielded by Joel Hunter, who used it for live summary executions during the War of Integration, where she single handily crushed the skulls of at least fifteen hundred Rose of Enduring captured soldiers inside Warwick’s downtown Union Square.

A common saying amongst union members across the Accord is that the Hammer of Labor has the blood of ten thousand souls stained into its stone. Through the years, Labor Party leaders have insisted these stories as nothing more than fiction works of creative minds. However, extensive forensic testing has never been conducted on the hammer before. Any within Labor can’t deny that Joel Hunter did execute Rose of Enduring soldiers from Ardum during the War of Integration by smashing their heads with the Hammer of Labor-a tainted past that has similarities to the other Free Worlds and their ascension out of the Great Darkness.