Captain Gideon And Jack The Giant

captain gideon and jack the giant
Illustration by Aggi Erguna
Gideon's Age 42
Jack's Age 46
Gender Male
Gideon's Height 5'10 feet - 177.80 centimeters
Jack's Height 6'11 feet - 210.82 centimeters
Gideon's Title Captain of the Abernath
Captain of the Black
Captain of Draco
Jack's Title First mate of the Abernath
Jack the Giant
Big Jack
Homeworld Draco
Society Pirates of Draco
Affiliation Pirates of the Black

Captain Gideon and Jack the Giant have been friends and mates together for over twenty years. They’ve lived by the pirate code of Draco and recently began to command the Abernath together as they pillage and terrorize innocent travelers within occupied space. They are renowned among the three pirate worlds to the same level as Admiral Derwin, the Black Skull Admiral who leads Draco.

Gideon and Jack spent time in numerous Free Worlds prisons, and Gideon was once captured by the Chrysós Aetós above Epsilon Prime, which is evident by his four missing index and middle fingers. Details are limited to why Gideon’s fingers were removed and not Jack’s, but rumors claim that Chrysós Aetós officers planned to enter Jack into an underground fighting circuit because of his size.

“If you are Gideon, then he must be Jack, the Giant. The deeds of both of you are legendary."

Geoff, quartermaster of the Midhalla


Gideon’s a cocky loudmouth who uses this persona to misdirect his adversaries, who might see him as ignorant or misguided. It’s all a clever ruse for Gideon of Draco. He’s not afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to strategy and has conducted raids and escapes that would be considered too dangerous or even idiotic to perform. Gideon is a master strategist who ruthlessly exerts his authority among pirates.

Jack’s fiercely loyal to Captain Gideon. He sees the captain as a brother that he would gladly give up his life to protect. Jack has a deep, proud voice and speaks slowly, making people view him as a simpleton yet is far from the truth. Pirates from Draco have bolstered for years that Jack is descended from the Titans of Old because of how massive he truly is.

“I’ll go first. You won’t be up there alone with the captain.”

Jack the Giant

Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1
  • Free Worlds of Humanity 1.5 - Short Stories from the Free Worlds (mentioned)