Henry McWright

Henry McWright
Illustration by VShane
Age 59
Gender Male
Height 6'0 feet - 182.88 centimeters
Title Center seat representative - Labor party leader - Wielder of the hammer of labor
Homeworld Uropa
Society Colonial Accord
Affiliation Labor Party - Twenty-Third Entente

Center Seat Representative Henry McWright is the longest-serving politician inside the Capitol Forum on the relations station and has been a leader there for the last twenty-two years. Before that, he was chair of Uropa on his homeworld inside the capital city of Warwick, where he also served as senator and the youngest mayor in Warwick’s history. He’s spent a lifetime of politics with the Twenty-Third Entente, the current most powerful union of Labor. The Colonial Accord is home to some of the most twisted, backstabbing political corruption of all the Free Worlds. Henry’s a master at these tactics he learned from his father, a union delegate for the Twenty-Third.

Henry’s last wife died under suspicious circumstances, but local law enforcement within Warwick never accounted for her death as anything other than terrible luck. Henry remarried Alyssa a few years later. Her confident-dominating personality, charm, and beauty have always worked well in the political arena on the relations station and within the Colonial Accord’s Labor unions dog eat dog mentality.

It’s been said by many of McWright’s opponents within the Capitol Forum’s center stage that Henry is the most gifted politician in modern times. He will do anything to accomplish his political goals and has worked through shady backroom deals to achieve his goals. The Colonial Accord’s general public views him as a heroic figure who fights for their rights and keeps the Colonial Accord wall inside the Capitol Forum’s pentagon as a dominating force.


Henry’s a confident, attractive man who is a master of manipulation. What he’s thinking and what he’s saying are usually two completely different things. A powerful lesson he’s taught those under him is always to keep your true face hidden from those who watch. Act as those around you would expect. Henry’s father said, “Never let the public behind the curtain. They should never see what it takes to keep them safe.”

He hates Ardum, one of six planets within the Colonial Accord. That hate stemmed from his childhood when his mother left with a secret lover from that planet. Ardum is also the homeworld of the opposing political party, the Rose Party of Ardum.

“War is a troublesome affair, but sometimes necessary.”

“Perception is reality here on the Relations Station.”

“Always dress in your suit of armor before stepping into the battlefield of station politics.”


Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1

  • Free Worlds of Humanity 1.5 - Short Stories from the Free Worlds (mentioned)