Isabel Sideris

isabel sideris
Illustration by VShane
Age 44
Gender Female
Height 5'6 feet - 167.64 centimeters
Title Former city-state loyalist rebel leader - Daughter of Athinia - Major Sideris
Homeworld Epsilon Prime
Society Human Alliance
Affiliation City-state Athinia

The Sideris family is one of the most recognizable household names throughout all of the Free Worlds. The Unification Civil War on Epsilon Prime is taught to Free Worlds’ school children in great detail because of the atrocities committed during the war by the New-Sparta Pact states who won. The Daughter of Athinia reenlisted as a major and fought against the Twins to the bitter end.

Throughout her life, Isabel had lived in her father’s shadow because of his fame. Liam the Unifier was regent of Athinia several times and had become prime regent elect of the Alliance for the third time before Isaac, and Killian Lyons launched their surprise attack against the allied states. Isabel learned about her family’s long history stretching back to the time of the Titans, and she felt the burdens of living up to expectations.

Eighteen different Sideris family members from a thousand years past have served as representatives to the Relations Station. Before the war, Athinia’s state flag had a green starburst on a field of black which represented the glowing green eyes common for most members of the Sideris family.

Their genetic glow is an anomaly in occupied space which no other has ever had besides members of the Sideris line. Isabel, her father, grandfather, and children all have a slight glow in their eyes which is more prominent in a dark room.


Isabel is extremely resilient and tough, as any seasoned war veteran would be. She spent a lifetime learning the finer points of ruling a society that idolized her family name, which didn't make her conceded in any way. Her stubbornness was an asset during her time leading resistance fighters because the harder Isaac and Killian Lyons tried to hunt her down, the more ferocious she fought to overcome them. Isabel is self-aware that most politicians and leaders of the Free Worlds wouldn't hesitate to use her or her children as pawns to accomplish whatever motivation suits them.

I’ve never understood why we call it the Free Worlds of Humanity. There’s nothing free here—it’s all an illusion. Even if we weren’t picking away in this mine, we’d still be slaves to the worlds we call home. Free, outer, and rogue planets combined, nothing more than slaves, all of us.


Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1

  • Free Worlds of Humanity 1.5 - Short Stories from the Free Worlds (mentioned)