Illustration by VShane
Age 17 during the Invasion of Gliese - 18 during events on Nim
Gender Female
Height 5'4 feet - 162.56 centimeters
Title Surface dweller - Tier four - Tier three - Tier two
Homeworld Earth
Society Civil Earth
Affiliation Multiple tiers of Civil Earth's caste system

Kathryn is a survivor. She had lived on the surface of one of Civil Earth’s megacities for seven years, overcoming insurmountable challenges and learning how to survive against the surface gangs with a mysterious person named Sadness. Kathryn was always able to overcome all difficulties while living on the surface of Civil Earth, and she utilized her skills and mistrust of people when coming back inside to tier four.

Kathryn has a unique perspective on the Civil Earth caste system. She sees everything occurring with hostilities between the lower tiers and Cloud Walkers who wear their togas and display themselves in a divine sense of entitlement, and to her, she believes their issues are petty compared to life on the surface. Her actions, on the surface, were always done out of necessity for survival. As time goes on, while living inside and moving through the tier system at an escalated pace due to luck and circumstance, Kathryn becomes more agitated by the disparities within each tier.

Most people around her, not including Daniel, his family, and Tobias, view Kathryn like a wild animal that requires a crash course in civilized living. Most of them fail to understand that she was taught by Sadness on exactly how to survive the rigorous lifestyle of Civil Earth’s caste system.


Kathryn doesn’t trust people and keeps her emotions to herself. Her seven years living on the surface of Civil Earth taught her the harsh realities of survival of the fittest. She’s had to kill people for drinking water and understands that the strong eat the weak within the Free Worlds of Humanity.

Stop looking at me, dummy.


Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1