Lyons Twins

lyons twins
Age 57
Gender Males
Height 5'11 feet – 177.80 centimeters
Title Prime Regent Isaac Lyons - Prime General Killian Lyons - Twins of New-Sparta
Homeworld Epsilon Prime
Society Human Alliance
Affiliation City-State New-Sparta

Isaac and Killian Lyons grew up poor in the lower rims of society within their city-state. Through years of social elevation, Isaac became a political wonder. His speeches rallied the most extreme New-Sparta citizens who were still dealing with poverty brought on by sanctions against their city-state from the War of Oppression years earlier. Isaac channeled people’s hate and focused it on Athinia. By the time Isaac became regent of New-Sparta, his twin brother Killian was a general among the state guard. Killian is the more sensible between the two, which isn’t saying much considering Killian Lyons has murdered entire families to get desired results while pleasing the Dark Priesthood and Acolyte of Darkness. Both brothers spent years building a blind sense of nationalism inside their city-state that never existed before, but more importantly, directed at the Twins like they were some form of prophets to the Acolyte of Darkness.

The Sideris name was a burden to the Lyons Twins until the surprise attack against the Allied States using Lyons Pride shock troops, most devout and loyal among their state guard, and New-Sparta Pact states at their side.

The Twins are identical and only told apart at a distance due to Killian’s hideous scar received by Isabel Sideris’s final attempt on his life before she left Epsilon Prime and renounced her leadership of the City-State Loyalist fighters. Killian brushed off plastic surgery and gene therapy to heal the scar. He keeps it as a reminder to never fall complacent.

Together the Twins of New-Sparta are the most feared and hated duo within the Free Worlds of Humanity.


Isaac is a bonafide lunatic who is quick to anger and enjoys causing pain to others. His wild personality was kept in check through his early years in politics. Killian swiftly ended anyone who caught on to Isaac’s insidious ways. Killian is more measured and calculates his moves carefully. He has the same tendencies as his brother, enjoying the pain of others, but he doesn’t typically snap the way Isaac does.

Famous words from Isaac and Killian:


Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1 (mentioned)

  • Free Worlds of Humanity 1.5 - Short Stories from the Free Worlds