Master Gunnery Sergeant Askar

master gunnery sergeant askar
Age 63
Gender Male
Height 4’10 feet – 147.32 centimeters
Title Master Gunnery Sergeant – Hero of Gliese
Homeworld Kora
Society Dolrinion Offensive
Affiliation Force Command BlackRock

Master Gunnery Sergeant Askar, like all Dolrinion sentinels, has dedicated his life to service to his Force Command and the Offensive. He was promoted to the rank of Master after passing forty years of service to his Command as a sentinel. A master’s classification isn’t easy to achieve and comes with a level of prestige because very few sentinels ever live long enough to earn this title. He’s a true believer in his service and the founding principles of Duty, Valor and Glory.

However, with his advanced age and endless years of fighting, battle fatigue has taken him into a new mindset. He doesn’t want to stop being a sentinel nor bring dishonor to his service, but his mental state of exhaustion has weighed him down. He wants death while serving the needs of the Offensive so that his soul can rest with his brother and sister sentinels in the Stone Halls of Eternity. Askar’s ultimate goal is for the memory stone caretakers to etch his name with honor.


Askar isn’t as stubborn as most Dolrinions. He keeps his opinions to himself and believes in what he can see with his own eyes. Askar has been a sentinel for forty-six years since his Rite of Passage, and most of that time was spent on rogue worlds through occupation of native territories of whichever planet his force command was serving on. He has a deep understanding of primitive local populations. He accepts, understands, and even has a level of sympathy for them. Askar suffers from battle fatigue from his long years as a front-line sentinel. His greatest fear is growing old and dying in a bed without a battle rifle in his hand with empty shell casings surrounding him.

I may be old, but I’ve got one good fight left in me.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Askar

Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1