Mia Stavish

mia stavish
Illustration by VShane
Age 39
Gender Female
Height 5'5 feet - 165.10 centimeters
Title Center Seat Representative
Watchful Hawk of Tier One
Goliath of the Capitol Forum
Homeworld Earth
Society Civil Earth
Affiliation Tier One

The Stavish family name is known throughout every tier of Civil Earth. They’re the second most powerful and influential of all Tier One Togas. Mia is a gifted politician who has spent her life uplifting her family name and positioning herself as one of the most powerful Hawks of Tier One. When Mia came to the relations station, she quickly earned that name, Goliath of the Capitol Forum, because of her careful strategy at gaining outcomes that she desired. She’s spent the last 12 years as a representative to Civil Earth on the relations station.

The lower tiers of the caste system call Tier One, a name that sounds like the Hawks have no bearing on reality, known as Cloud Walkers. However, the Togas wear that supposed derogatory name with pride because they have little concern with those in the lower levels of megastructures.

For the Hawk families of Tier One, perception and class warfare rule the day. Certain pleasures in life aren’t allowed in public view, which leads to the Cloud Walkers of Tier One doing shadow works in dark hidden places. This reality is ever-present for Mia, and she constantly feuds with competing families while managing their rivalry with the other Free Worlds of Humanity.


Mia has a personality like most Tier One from Civil Earth. She’s smug, concise, and isn’t afraid to make her position on a given topic known to all. The Belitz family only rivals Mia’s family wealth throughout all of Tier One. Mia uses this advantage to maneuver social norms and politics on the relations station and across all Civil Earth territories. She’s a gifted politician and more ruthless than many of her peers inside the Capitol Forum.

“Commoners don’t need a brain to follow the herd, only legs.”

Mia Stavish, Center Seat Represenative, Civil Earth, Tier One

Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1