Illustration by Aggi Erguna
Age 50
Gender Male
Height 6’5 feet – 195.58 centimeters
Title Underboss
Butcher of Lavlen
Homeworld Resides on Epsilon Prime,
spent years on Rogue World Galma,
originally from the Colonial Accord
Society Rogue Syndicate
Affiliation Underboss cell leader on Epsilon Prime

Also known as Bum Bum and Butcher of Lavlen

Silas scored off the charts in secondary school on all aptitude tests and was considered gifted. His natural superior physical size gave him a great advantage in sports. Through terrible chance, he was introduced to an underground traveling group that pitched fights among skilled warriors. Silas took to this and became a professional fighter within the underground entertainment circuit. He spent years traveling the stars to every type of planet within occupied space. Because of his ruthless abilities in the ring and enhanced intellect, the Bum Bum was taken on by Jaboo, a Galma native-born captain within the syndicate. Silas worked as an unforgiving enforcer for years and earned his way up by destroying those ahead of him. Castle bosses on Galma sent him to the city of Lavlen, on Epsilon Prime, to remove the previous underboss of Lavlen's Rogue Syndicate cell and bring back prosperity to illegal operations throughout the city.

Silas accomplished this through pure terror. He didn't care who stood in his way, rival gangs or employee operations commanders. Silas butchered them all in ways no normal person could ever think of doing. It was these deeds that earned him the nickname Butcher of Lavlen.

Like all high-ranking members of the Rogue Syndicate, Silas has many diamond implants on his body, but unlike most Syndicate members, he keeps his drilled into his teeth to not draw unwanted attention from Federate Corporation operators on Epsilon Prime.

“What is a Bum Bum?”

Mace Applegate

“He’s da Butcher of Lavlen. Big one for the Syndicate here, and if you can’t convince him you deserve to leave, he gunna make you gone for good.”



Silas is a calculating man who knows how to play off people's personalities to get what he desires. He can read people and determine their weaknesses quickly. The Butcher of Lavlen has spent years ruling the Hollow Ward ghetto through fear, pain, and death of anyone who stands in his way. Silas thinks deeply before speaking and never lets words slip from his mouth without a specific reason.

Appearances to date

  • Free Worlds of Humanity - Book 1
  • Free Worlds of Humanity 1.5 - Short Stories from the Free Worlds