Door Of Life

Founding Unknown - before the Great Darkness
Society Human Alliance
Clergy Priesthood of the three books - Warriors of the Light - Dark Priests
Center Churches of Light, Churches of Balance, Churches of Darkness

Also known as Faith of the Acolytes

The Door of Life religion is the oldest in existence based on archeological finds throughout Epsilon Prime and the twenty-one city-states. Charms and remains from houses of worship stretching back several thousand years have proven that their religious system has existed longer than the Great Darkness. What proves the many years this religion has existed is the carved stairs into the highest peak in the northern City-State Zacynth of the Stairway Mountains. Once the stairs pass into the clouds, its path leads into the oldest church carved into the mountain. Samples indicate the site is nearly ten thousand years old. Stone pillars and detailed carvings line the mountainside. Inside the entryway is a massive carving depicting the Door of Life with the three Acolytes above the door, looking down at those who stand below observing. It's a representation of judgment before pulling on the door.

Belief System

The Door of Life religion bases its practices on the judgment from one of three supreme beings who stand above the might door that leads into eternal life. When someone dies, their soul walks the steps to the door of life, a megalithic door described in different ways through scriptures as either being solid wood with metal strips, gold with beaded braids or made from stone.

Above the door stands the three Acolytes, Light, Balance and Darkness, who wait for the soul to pick one of the three to judge that soul’s worth.

Throughout Faith of the Acolytes follower’s lives, they must choose between one of the three churches, Light, Balance or Darkness. Once they pick one, they’re bound to follow the teachings of that faith unless they decide to go with another.

How a body appeared at the moment of death is the way that soul comes before the Door of Life for judgment. If a soul is deemed worthy but has no hands to pull on the great pull latch, the soul cannot enter into eternal life and will eventually dissipate into nothingness. It’s for this belief that Human Alliance military forces only cut off the first two fingers of enemy combatants or criminals. This allows the defeated foe to enter eternity still if deemed worthy by the Acolyte of their choosing.

Followers of Light believe in the Axiom, a bible that explains teachings from the Acolyte of Light, the divine being of tenderness, compassion, love and charity. Followers of Light are required to devote themselves entirely to pure actions towards the Acolyte of Light. Ecclesiastics teach from the Axiom and obey its guidance of Light. They spend much of their time donating and doing charitable works in the name of Light.

Warriors of the Light, extremists of the Axiom, follow an ancient fighting form with its roots from the Old World. The Warriors follow a hardline philosophy that they must destroy Darkness and its believers.

Supporters of Balance believe in the Good Book of Balance, a bible detailing how to practice in the image of the Acolyte of Balance, the divine being of inclusion, equality, fairness, and poise. Followers within churches of Balance have more latitude in their faith. Balance incorporates forgiveness when deeds of Darkness are present through action or thought. The Good Book of Balance also teaches acceptance of others which stems from the Axioms teachings. Of all three faiths, Balance is the most popular.

Disciples of Darkness believe in the Dark Tome, holy books bound in human skin that show practitioners of the Acolyte of Darkness how to practice their beliefs by committing to the evilest of intents, greed, jealousy, hate and lust. Hierai, the ministers who teach from the Dark Tome, educate those who follow the path of Darkness. Their religious centers are hidden from the world, usually buried underground or within deep caverns where no light can touch. Hierai instructors keep the Dark Tome secret from outsiders, and besides Dark Priests, the Hierai are the only people allowed to possess the tome.

Dark Priests, extremists of the Dark Tome, are zealots who commit to far worse actions than the tome suggests. They strive to earn a place at the side of the Acolyte of Darkness. Since before the Great Darkness, their order has existed, and they’ve worked with Hierai ministers as their enforcers of the Dark Tome.

Damn you, Isaac and Killian Lyons! Damn you to oblivion. I’ll take both your hands so the three acolytes look at you with pity when you get to the door of life and can’t enter. Those Dark Priests won’t be able to save you.

Isabel Sideris

Written scripture

Axiom: The holy book with teachings from the Acolyte of Light, taught by Ecclesiastics.

Good Book of Balance: The Bible with teachings from the Acolyte of Balance, taught by priests of the Equilibrium Order.

Dark Tome: The holy book bound in human skin with teachings from the Acolyte of Darkness, taught by Hierai ministers.

Houses of worship

Each of the three faith types has its own style of church. Balance locations are most common, made from standard brick and wood. Religious centers of Light tend to be located on mountainsides facing east where the sun rises. Houses of worship for Darkness are always in the darkest locations, away from natural or artificial light. These centers tend to be underground or in caverns. The oldest church of Darkness is located inside City-State Ampholpolis where the center’s caverns run kilometers in moist obscurity.

Acolyte of Light: is always depicted as a slim feminine figure with long white hair and a narrow jaw. She stands at the left of the Door of Life. (when looking up at her)

Acolyte of Balance: is a strange misty figure with light and darkness mixed into its shading and no visible body parts while standing in the middle between Light and Darkness.

Acolyte of Darkness: is on the right of the Door of Life and appears as a black-furred wolf with dark toxic fumes surrounding its body.