Dolrinion Drop Capsule

dolrinion drop capsule
Vessel type Atmospheric landing craft
Society Dolrinion Offensive
Size 198.12 meters / 650 feet
Tonnage 45.36 metric tons
Propulsion and power Standard beam sublight thrusters and landing array, powered by three beam motors.
Crew 3
Troop transport size 205

Also known as Husk

The Red Legion suffered great loss during the invasion. Her name’s Lieutenant Ballo. She was in the first wave of drop capsules here. Some of her best sentinels died from local defenses. She hates these natives with a passion now.

Sentinel of Force Command First Ones

Since the Dolrinion Offensive came out of the Great Darkness, they have used husks to invade worlds. Fear is the most common feeling when seeing Dolrinon drop capsules committing to a hard drop when a person is standing below their drop vector. Combat hard drops are one of the most intense feelings anyone can sustain because of pressures endured, even with inertia dampener technologies that only provide slight resistance to gravity forces on vessels so small, which doesn’t apply to FTL jump technology that cannot be placed on ships so small.

Force Command Red Legion has perfected the art of hard drops using their drop capsules that only the most hardened husk commanders can command. The life expectancy of sentinels who launch from Dolrinion carriers during combat actions is eight minutes and thirty seconds. This estimate includes husks destroyed while landing and those whose doors open after landing, which takes less than five minutes from carrier launch to touch down.

Husk commanders from all force commands have special pauldrons that signify their status as one of the most dangerous jobs within all force commands.

Weapons systems

Point defense weapons: Primary weapon used to destroy incoming weapons fire. Standard PDF (point defense fire) is a 6-centimeter projectile using kinetic force to destroy incoming bombardment. This weapons system can fire 18,000 rounds per minute and is the primary defensive weapon for drop capsules. 15 platforms are scattered throughout each husk.

Uranium spinners: Primary offensive system that shoots 7,500 rounds per minute. Shells are 11-centimeter heavy mass uranium core penetrators. 6 of these advanced systems come equipped on drop capsules.

Twin mortar system: Self-loading, smart guided high explosive 15-centimeter shells. Fast response recoil allows 2 shots to fire every 2 seconds in HE and incendiary shell pattern modes. Gas shells can be deployed during specific objectives but aren’t a part of the rotating pattern fire modes.

Rocket halo tubes: 160 shallow-core tubes spaced throughout drop capsules. Halo rockets perform as shock weapons used to disorient. Their explosive charge is marginal and similar to shoulder rockets equipped with sentinel armor for person-to-person engagements. Tubes can shoot 2 rockets per second and continue their barrage for three minutes before depletion.

Command deck / Command and Control / Bridge / Operations center

Unlike warships that keep their piloting decks near the core, drop capsules utilize interior armored spaces for sentinels because severely damaged vessels that crash land can have survivors ready to fight.


The Free Worlds of Humanity have all reached a high point of technological evolution that still pales by comparison to Titan technology. Beam motors are an engine platform designed and manufactured on Kora. Their efficiency is sub-par but serves its purpose for drop capsules.