Supply Spool Transport

supply spool transport
Vessel type Free Worlds' commercial shipping freighter
Society N/A
Size 365.76 meters /1200 feet
Tonnage 100,000 metric tons
Propulsion and power Standard ion sublight thrusters, faster than light drive, powered by 6 core load matter reactors
Crew 46
Cargo size 200,000 metric tons

The XL Superduty Supply Spool Transport was once a very common sight throughout occupied space. These ships were designed when power generation costs were exceedingly high with less efficient reactors than the Free Worlds current timeline. XL Superduty Supply Spool Transports were discontinued 240 years BGI when fusion core generators were invented on the relations station. The design and function of spool transports didn’t allow for fusion upgrades. Companies were forced to suspend XL Superduty production and construct new ships that could break through a planet’s atmosphere and land using new fusion core generators that didn't exhaust vessel power supplies.

The design of a supply spool transport keeps their operation within the vacuum of space. Spool flex cords roll into its holder, which is larger than the actual ship and can withstand extreme bending, pressure and environmental hazards exceeding 500 kilograms per square meter. The versatility of LX Superduty Spool ships stands the test of time, considering there are still a few thousand of them in service.

Weapons systems

XL Superduty Supply Spool Transports have never operated alone, and because of that standard, these vessels are not armed. Those still in service work with shipping fleets or smaller transport clusters that have security vessels attached to defend crews and cargo. Spool transport ships' only defensive measure before being boarded is an FTL jump. Automated interior defense turrets and onboard lockers with firearms are what transport crews use during a direct assault.

Command deck / Command and Control / Bridge / Operations center

Like most transport ships throughout occupied space, critical areas at a vessel’s core are protected by layers of composite metal to better shield crew members from radiation and weapons fire. Unfortunately, supply spool ships lack sufficient armor to sustain even the most basic projectile weapons. Safe rooms run adjacent to the command deck.


The primary reactors for vessels before fusion were core load matter reactors which had an efficiency rating of 30% and an output of 1 terawatt of power for each reactor. By comparison, a single fusion core dark matter reactor can produce 6 terawatts of power.