Civil Earth

Civil Earth
Illustration by Pedro Moran
Leading authority Administrative Authority under Tier 1
Technology classification Free Worlds - High society
Military forces Defender Corps / Fleet Branch
Number of colonies Ten
Term for leaving the Great Darkness Age of Innovation
Inception 2100 years BGI

Civil Earth is a governing society that has controlled Earth for the last twenty-one hundred years. During the Great Darkness, Civil Earth was ruled by opposing regional powers that finally came together through coalitions that were bottom-heavy, with masses of people following the leadership of a few. Those who would become Tier 1 organized their efforts to become a civil society. The caste system was born in Earth’s Age of Innovation which led them out of the Darkness.

The citizenry of CE is broken into segregated castes.

Tier 1: Accounts for 1% of the population, leading authority delegating rules through the Administrative Authority of each megastructure within their megacities. Term for living conditions inside structures: Living in the Clouds. Known as: Cloud walkers/Watchful Hawks.

Tier 2: Accounts for 7% of the population, second in command of the lower tiers, and follows delegated orders of Tier 1. Higher standards of living compared to lower tiers. Term for living conditions inside structures: The Upper Twenty-Three. (Floors Tier 2 residents reside in a megastructure.)

Tier 3: Accounts for 12% of the population. These citizens are the standard working-class under Tier 2. Lower living standards compared to the upper tiers, but much better than Tier 4. Term for living conditions inside structures: Middle Thirty. (Floors Tier 3 residents reside on in a megastructure.)

Tier 4: Accounts for 80% of the population, and most of them survive on government assistance while living in substandard apartments. Term for living conditions inside structures: Lower Forty. (They’re packed into the lowest forty floors of a megastructure.)

Each of the four castes has a sub-caste system, known as Caste within a Caste. Certain groups have higher standing than others based on income level and contribution level to their megastructure. The lowest floors of a megastructure are filled with poverty and hunger.

Civil Earth is a governing society that has controlled Earth for the last 2,100 years. The citizenry of CE is broken into segregated castes.

Surface life

Through circumstance or the desire of someone in authority, citizens of the caste system sometimes find themselves removed from their megastructures and forced to live on the surface within their megacities. The Administrative Authority built all cities in unusable lands where a toxic yellow haze never evaporates and remains stagnant in the air. It takes years of breathing in the substance to cause death, but the side effects take hold within months. Those who are able to get back inside have a lingering cough and decreased lung capacity for the remainder of their lives. Tier One refuses to recognize surface dwellers as members of the caste system. Many surface dwellers form gangs to survive and have a dog-eat-dog mentality. Leaking megastructure air units provide water, and they eat whatever they can find. The average life expectancy of someone who’s forced out of an airlock onto the surface is less than a year.

Before that time, Earth was stuck in the Great Darkness like every other air-breathing world within occupied space.

Standard food sources

Civil Earth tiers 3 and 4 rely primarily on artificial foods from dispensers available in each apartment. Earth has areas throughout the planet that doesn’t suffer from the yellow haze. Field hands work tirelessly to produce grains and breed livestock for consumption. Tiers 1 and 2 can consume real foods daily. Civil Earth relies on trade from the other Free Worlds governments to overcome their food production shortcomings.

Civil Earth’s flag

Depicts the Watchful Hawk of Tier One gazing down at the four lines of the caste system while perched on Earth. The banner streams “Birthplace of Humanity,” A prideful statement to those of CE that gives them a feeling of superiority to other Free Worlds governing bodies. Clutched in its left talon are more representations of the caste system, four arrows. The backfield is a sun to signify life.


Civil Earth speaks the “Language of Humanity,” a specific dialect that is the most common language across occupied space. All other Free Worlds’ governments and the relations station require that schools teach it as a second language. This is another aspect that makes the Watchful Hawks of Tier One confident in their superiority to others. A local term for their speech is known as "Civil Earth's True Tongue."

Military / Law enforcement / security

Defender Core

Civil Earth’s Administrative Authority depends heavily on its ground force military known as the Defender Corps. They act as soldiers, peacekeepers, security, and law enforcers for megacities. Their standing orders come from command generals who take their orders from the Administrative Authority and the representatives to the relations station.

Common name: Defenders

Defenders come equipped with superior technology and zero-g combat armor. The armor has a reflective sheen similar to tin. They have full access to overhead battlefield schematics and communications from their armor.

Fleet Branch

The air and space division for CE. Fleet Branch vessels have a higher technology level than Colonial Navy, Dolrinion Offensive, and certain Human Alliance city-states. Fleet Branch doesn’t conform to building large Capital ships; instead, they focus on higher numbers of destroyers, battleships, and missile starships.

Securitan Security Services - Triple S

Private security contracting company utilized by Tiers 1 and 2 for protection. Most Triple S officers served in the Defender Corps before moving into the private sector. Their jobs are diverse and evolve depending on the nature of the client who hires them. Most Triple S officers provide executive protection services. Others act as an interior defense on starships, and in extreme situations, they can perform like a military arm for service needs to wealthy Tier One.

Jaden Belitz, head of the Belitz family and father to Right Seat Representative Olivia Belitz, has ten thousand Triple S officers in his service. They act as a private army and follow his orders.


Civil Earth has 10 air-breathing world colonies where megacities and production facilities for mining, harvesting, and farming reside. The sizes all depend on the planet. The colony world Nim only has one megastructure with roughly ten thousand residents in an area not big enough to classify as a megacity. Colony world Craylon has two megacities with over five hundred million. Some colony worlds have native rogue world populations while others only have colonists.

Most Free Worlds governments have additional colonies, such as the minors colony of Titans Belt, Lunar One (Earth’s moon), and Mars. Colonies in locations not classified as air-breathing worlds aren’t labeled in these listings.

Known colony worlds

  • Nim
  • Craylon

Representatives to the relations station

  • Center Seat Representative Mia Stavish
  • Right Seat Representative Olivia Belitz
  • Left Seat Representative Xander Nasby