Colonial Accord

Colonial Accord
Illustration by Pedro Moran
Leading authority Chairs of the Accord - Labor Party and Rose Party
Technology classification Free Worlds - High society
Military forces Colonial Marines / Colonial Navy
Number of Colonies Sixteen
Term for leaving the Great Darkness Golden Age of the Accord
Inception 1932 years BGI

Six planets air-breathing encompass a single star in the Colonial Accord. Ardum, Tautrus, Lars, Pardalis, and Talbora are artificial planets created with Titan technology before the Great Darkness. Uropa is the only natural world in their system. All six planets yield the highest crop growth among all Free Worlds governments. Colonial Accord officials use this strength of trade throughout occupied space.

The Accord had a rocky beginning when Uropa and Ardum began exploring their system before the others. Both worlds had deep-rooted belief systems in the way they overcame the Great Darkness through hardship, war, and innovation.

Uropa’s capital city Warwick used the power of unions to control their people. Factories always had grinding wheels of industry cranking away to fuel their economy, while Ardum focused on strength through unwavering endurance by spreading their system of governance to the nearest two planets—Pardalis and Talbora. The Unions of Labor followed suit and brought their influence to Lars and Tautrus.

The system war raged on for years. Future historians would call this time; War of Integration. Uncounted billions died, but the result was an armistice between both powers agreeing that Uropa officially won, though the Roses acceptance was a begrudging one at best. In consolidation, the planets that backed Ardum were able to retain their governance added with Uropa’s rule, which created a single ruling government known as the Colonial Accord.

Rose Party of Ardum, Rose of Enduring, and Labor Party of Uropa, Hammer of Labor were born under a mutual accord as the two political parties. Each planet retained a single elected leader in the position of Chair, and both parties would elect senators to write laws under a Colonial Charter doctrine.

It was the birth of the Golden Age of the Accord.

Standard food sources

Colonial citizens from all six worlds eat real foods. They overproduce food resources for trade to Civil Earth, relations station, and all mining colonies within Titans Belt.

Tautrus produces the largest yields of corn, barley, rice, and wheat of all six planets. Nearly half of their world is covered with rich farmlands that the Farmers Association of the Accord primarily controls. A union under the Labor Party of Uropa.

Colonial Accord flag

Has the Hammer of Labor, with emblems for its most powerful unions of Labor etched into the mallet, while the Rose of Enduring wraps around the handguard pushing out from above. This design is to show unity between the parties. Six blue circles with two pressed together directly behind the hammer and rose, and the other four above symbolize the Accord's six worlds. Uropa's circle is the largest, followed by Ardum. The backfield is blue with a centralized yellow/orange sun near the center.


Each planet of the Accord has its own native dialect. All require their citizens to learn the Language of Humanity, which is the preferred speech when dealing with governance between the worlds and allows them to speak with each other openly.

Military/Law enforcement/security

Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines are the military arm for the Accord. Dating back during the Great Darkness, each of the six worlds devoted tremendous efforts to mastering swordplay. They kept these traditions through the ages and doubled down on pride and patriotism during the Integration War. To this day, Colonial Marines always march into battle with their pipes and drums sounding battle hymns. Marines believe that the pipers give them power through battle songs of old. The louder the pipes play through sounds of gunfire and explosions, the greater their resolve will be.

Colonial Marines wear zero-g armor of a dark gunmetal coloring. The molds that shape their helmets and shoulder guards bend at ridged angels giving a less smooth appearance. Their technology isn't as advanced as the other Free Worlds militaries, but they make up for that with overwhelming numbers. Colonial Marines outnumber every other Free Worlds armed service by at least two to one and sometimes more depending on the force.

Colonial Navy

Technologically the Colonial Navy is not as advanced as the other Free Worlds, but they make up for it in production speed and efficiency. For every Destroyer built by any of the other Free Worlds governments, the Colonial Navy can produce three. Another advantage to the Colonial's is their ability to supply their fleets, bases and colonies across all of occupied space. The Colonial Navy prides itself on hunting pirates near Titans Belt who prowl through space in high numbers along that region. Colonial Accord ships have more dealings with the three pirate worlds than any other in occupied space.

Common name: Shipsmen


Colonial Accord has sixteen colonies ranging in size. One of their largest colonies in Titans Belt has a long history of rebelling against the Accord leadership in an attempt to become an independent society.

Colonial Trade Company

Is the largest import and export trading company within all of occupied space based on Ardum. The Trade Company loves to bolster that any given household within the Free Worlds has at least a dozen items delivered by one of their ships. Their vessels encounter pirates more frequently than any other space service. Recent attacks near Titans Belt have prompted leadership to request additional support from the relations station for security sweeps through specific sectors.

Powerful unions of Labor

  • Twenty-Third Entente
  • Federation of Iron Workers
  • Alliance of Mass Transit
  • Fraternal Order of Operating Engineers
  • Colonial Steel Workers Association
  • Farmers Association of the Accord
  • Fourth Union

Labor Party leadership comes from each union of Labor based on elections within each shop. Public office elections typically favor previous union elections that run for both offices. Unions have elected leaders who steer their union's direction through delegates and shop stewards. All union leaders follow orders dictated by their Labor Party leader, which is another elected position. The Party leader wields the Hammer of Labor, the symbol of Labor for 2,000 years with its etched emblems on both sides for the original unions, some of which no longer exist through hostile takeovers. The current party leader is Center Seat Representative Henry McWright on the relations station.

Representatives on the relations station

  • Center Seat Representative Henry McWright
  • Right Seat Representative JJ Richmond
  • Left Seat Representative Christine Keng, also known as the Angry Tigress of Lars