Dolrinion Offensive

Dolrinion Offensive
Illustration by Duy Pha
Leading authority Supreme generals from ten Force Commands
Technology classification Free Worlds - High society
Military forces Ten separate Force Commands
Number of Colonies Twenty three (including slave worlds)
Term for leaving the Great Darkness The Awakening / end of the Dark Age
Inception 1860 years BGI

A stratocracy broken into ten Force Commands of the Offensive with five supreme generals for each. All ten Commands are capable of sustaining themselves, and each focuses on a specific area of expertise. Their society left the Great Darkness when the first five founders touched the memory stone on their homeworld Kora. Lightning struck the stone and gave them visions of the future—showing them how to leave the dark times and what lay ahead in their future. This event is known as the Awakening, or end of the Dark Age. The Dolrinion Offensive has a ritualistic culture based on the guidance given to the first five. Dolrinion tempers are as short as their stature. They’re quick to anger and treat almost everything said by another as an insult. Their technology level is lower than Civil Earth and Federate Corporation.

Ten Force Commands of the Offensive

Force Command First Ones—first of the ten commands founded by Supreme General Maddox, who believed that his command’s primary focus should be on industrialization and education. War was always first in any Dolrinion sentinel’s heart, and First Ones never failed to meet enemies on a battlefield. They also believe that building a bridge in record time to kill an enemy is just as effective as swimming across or dropping in from the sky.

Force Command Red Legion—founded by Supreme General Constantine, the First Champion of the Legion. Constantine believed in strength through direct force. The Legion prides itself on the name Red Death, given to them during the first Franchise War with the Federate Corporation. Legion husk commanders and their closest champions storm enemy battlelines without fear in service to their command and the Offensive.

Rivalry with Force Command War Dogs

Force Command Tacoma—third of ten commands founded by Supreme General Kace after receiving visions while touching the memory stone. Kace organized the Dolrinion religious beliefs in immortality of the soul through service to the Offensive. She was a gifted diplomat, and her Force Command followed in her footsteps. The Free Worlds view Tacoma sentinels as the easiest to deal with even though they believe the best diplomacy in existence is through a rifle barrel. All caretakers of the memory stone come from this command.

Force Command Steel Talon—Supreme General Farah holds great significance to sentinels of Talon. While the others among the first five focused on the ground beneath their feet, Farah looked to the skies and space. His boot was the first to step foot on a new world after leaving the Great Darkness. Since the relations station’s founding, Steel Talon has focused all its efforts on battle groups, space warfare, and keeping watch of the demilitarized zone between Federate and Dolrinion space. All five supreme generals are survivors of one Decade Rite or another.

Rivalry with Force Command Jackhammer

Force Command BlackRock—last of the first five, founded by Supreme General Rayna, who carved a spiral circle into her chest plate as a personal battle standard. Sentinels to this day use her symbol for death emblems. This Force Command specializes in occupying enemy territories. Of all commands, BlackRock has very little representation on the homeworld. Many of their sentinels are born, live, and die without ever stepping foot on Kora.

Rivalry with Force Command Jackhammer

Force Command Overwatch—was founded 118 years after the original five. There was reluctance in creating this command because Dolrinions believe in true combat that’s face to face and not shadow works in secret. Besides espionage and intelligence gathering, Overwatch conducts internal investigations between all commands. They also monitor LENS emotions for each sentinel throughout the offensive.

Force Command Burning Star—at their inception, changed the Dolrinion Offensive for all time. This command specializes in people harvesting on a mass scale. In the beginning, Burning Star would enslave anyone they came across, including those who would later become the Free Worlds of Humanity. Once the relations station was created, the Free Worlds banned slavery among their citizenry, and Burning Star looked elsewhere for their collections. All manual labor, facilities services, housekeeping, and public service maintenance jobs are conducted by Dolrinion slaves. Generation slaves live on Kora and work through their extreme gravity pressure.

Force Command War Dogs—came into existence by chance during the Battle of Dogs Hill on the rogue world Rebosse inside the current DMZ between Federate and Dolrinion space. Three Force Commands were cut off after the main battle groups were pushed back by Corporation fleets. Those left behind from First Ones, Red Legion, and Steel Talon worked together to hold the hill for months until reinforcements arrived. Sentinels that survived ate wild dogs common across the slope and draped their pelts over their battered battle armor. For unmatched dedication and a refusal to give up, these sentinels were given their own command led by Supreme General Bralyn, the colonel in charge during the Battle of Dog Hill. She continued to use the extreme tactics that helped them survive those long months cut off from resupply.

Rivalry with Force Command Red Legion

Force Command Brim Fire—was created during the second Franchise war with the Corporation and utilized flame throwers for trench warfare conducted by both sides. Underground tunnels, trenches, and tight lowlight conditions raged across rogue world battlefields in what would become two separate exclusion zones. Brim Fire, to this day, enjoys roasting enemies alive with its close-quarter wrist flamers. They take it even further and prefer incendiary rounds for rifles and shoulder rockets. For years, Brim Fire has tried to obtain the blue-flamed firebombs of the Human Alliance, City-State Photia, which can burn uncontrollably for hours in space. Brim Fire sentinels have little patience for the other nine commands.

Rivalry with all other commands

Force Command Jackhammer—is the youngest of all commands but no less deadly. Their creation came with a conflict between other Force Commands in the Offensive. During the induction of the first five supreme generals of Jackhammer, a fight broke out between these generals and led to the death of Force Command BlackRock’s Supreme General Campos, which started a three-year war between both commands. One hundred years later, insults were uttered during a muster call between Jackhammer and Steal Talon supreme generals regarding observation and security displacements across the DMZ which led to a six-month war between both sides.

Rivalry with Force Command's Steel Talon and BlackRock

Standard food sources

Dolrinion Offensive society believes that artificial foods make people weaker. Sentinels only consume real foods, and they prefer red meats and heavy grains. Dolrinion slaves never lack in calorie intake because of Dolrinion beliefs of keeping the body well-fed. They eat better than Tier 4 of Civil Earth. Sentinel physiology requires high calories because of their dense muscle tone and metabolisms, which is a byproduct of Kora's three times gravity pressure compared to Earth. The Offensive sustains its high real food production demands with their slave and colony worlds.

Dolrinion Offensive flag

Shows a black-tailed scorpion hooking across the Dolrinion tip knife with a brightened spark where the two cross. The spark symbolizes when the first five founders touched the memory stone, and its spark from lightning gave them their visions. Black-tailed scorpions are the size of racehorses, so the flag depiction isn't to scale, but its significance states clearly the aggressive nature of Dolrinions. Like the scorpion, which is considered one of the fiercest creatures in occupied space, always attacking and never retreating. The backfield is blood red with an outer border of black.


There's one singular Dolrinion language though each Force Command has their own dialects. All sentinels learn the Language of Humanity before completion of the Rite of Passage.

Military/Law enforcement/security

Dolrinion sentinel

Every citizen of the Dolrinion Offensive upon completion of the Rite of Passage is a warrior regardless of their chosen field of study and focus. Each sentinel is born into their Force Command as generational members, though when given permission by a first-grade general, can join a separate command before completion of the Rite. Dolrinions follow a military doctrine for authority and enforcement. Tribunals determine the guilt or innocence of a crime. The worst possible outcome for Dolrinions is excommunication which would revoke any ability to have their name etched into the memory stone by Tacoma caretakers. A sentence considered to be worse than death.

Sentinels are well rounded, trained to fight in war and survive harsh conditions. All sentinels learn to fight in zero-g and the worst possible climates. Dolrinions always wear their famous battle armor. It utilizes steam pressure through a battery receiver to operate and is considered one of the most effective war plates within all of occupied space. Regardless of job classification, all Dolrinions wear battle armor. Their armor colors depend on which Force Command they serve.

Common name: Sentinel

Battle groups form the air and space divisions of each Force Command. There isn't a specific name or classification for sentinels that operate in ships attached to battle groups. A commonly known trait with Dolrinion warships is that they don't possess life pods. If an Offensive ship is destroyed, sentinels prefer death in service to earn a place on the memory stone. Not having escape pods gives their ships more room for weapons platforms.


The Dolrinion Offensive has twenty-three colonies, including slave worlds which make up the bulk in that number. It's estimated that slaves outnumber sentinels nearly 10 to 1 because of their labor requirements with mining, deforestation and farms/animal herd production.

Known slave world

  • Pomona

Dolrinion appearance and temperament

Sentinels physiology give them a unique appearance compared to most who dwell in occupied space. The Dolrinion homeworld Kora has three times heavier gravity than Earth and all the artificial worlds with humanity on them. Through countless years of evolution, Dolrinions have a stunted stature that averages under 153 centimeters (4'10 inches - a little more than 1.5 meters.) Their build is much thicker than ordinary people. They have bigger shoulders, wider chests, and bulker legs. Their bone density is nearly double average bone sizes, and their skin drops down, slightly layering in lines overlapping from their extreme gravity on Kora. When they walk, it appears more like waddling from side to side.

This statured appearance may seem clumsy and awkward to the average appearance throughout occupied space, but it doesn't take away their physical strength. Dolrinion average physical strength is higher than any others across humanity coupled with their highly effective battle armor makes them a force to fear.

Dolrinions mistrust everyone and view normal common interactions as offensive, where others would see it as normal conversations. A simple hello to a sentinel spoken in the wrong tone can cause wars. Certain commands are known to have less patience than others. Tacoma and First Ones are the easiest to reason with during political debates, while Red Legion and Jackhammer are the quickest to flare their tempers. Force Commands also have issues with each other besides their deep hate for the Federate Corporation. The mistrust and skirmishes between each other while keeping their attention on the Corporation is why they seldom cause trouble for other Free Worlds governments.

Rite of Passage

From the time a Dolrinion sentinel learns to walk, they begin training in the arts of war. Training is maintained by all ten Force Commands where sentinel recruits learn the ways of sentinel life together and don’t officially become citizens of the Dolrinion Offensive until successful completion of the Rite. Force Command BlackRock has a majority of their command throughout occupied space, so recruits learn from their command alone.

On a sentinels sixteenth birthday, they commence with their Rite of Passage for one year, which is different for each Force Command. Examples include War Dogs who send their recruits to the southern waste of Kora to survive there while fighting black-tailed scorpions. Red Legion sends their recruits to fight ground wars on rogue worlds near the edges of occupied space. Every day of the year, on a recruits birthday, new batches are hard dropped onto these Rite worlds to fight alongside fellow recruits. Those who complete their right leave on their birthday after one year. Tacoma sent their young warriors to live in a rogue-world jungle or wasteland for a year and find dangerous predatory animals to hunt for survival. A feat that doesn’t match their known specialization yet ensures sentinels from this command earn the right to wear their battle armor. Steel Talon sends their recruits into the Great-in-Between on cruisers to survive there. Every ten years in the Decade Rite, recruits of this command must hunt Androsian harvester ships and survive the encounter. This Rite is the hardest of all ceremonies, and after a successful stalker raid, the Rite ended, regardless of the timespan.

The Rite of Passage is the most sacred religious honor for any sentinel. Upon completion, sentinels walk through the archway at the memory stones center. It spans several kilometers through the mountain, and when they exit through the other side, elder Tacoma caretakers who are among the most devout in their religious beliefs perform the ritual that gives them status as a citizen of the Offensive.

BlackRock capital ships attached to battle groups have broken pieces of the memory stone fused, forming an arch to complete the Rite. This Rite of Passage completion is not as profound as the Kora Rite but serves its purpose.

Representatives to the relations station

  • Center Seat Representative Sharrar, also known as Iron Fist of Kora
  • Right Seat Representative Guth
  • Left Seat Representative Halku