Federate Corporation

Federate Corporation
Illustration by VShane
Leading authority Sister Companies
Technology classification Free Worlds - High society
Military forces Security Operators / Air and Space Cab
Number of colonies Eight
Term for leaving the Great Darkness N/A
Inception 745 years BGI

The Federate Corporation was a multi-world conglomerate with hundreds of third-party companies related to consumer needs of Free Worlds citizens from Civil Earth, Colonial Accord, Dolrinion Offensive, and Human Alliance. Eight hundred years before the invasion of Gliese, if a Free Worlds citizen owned a PDD, FTL capable transport ship or used high-resolution tablets for personal or professional use, they would have had the Federate Corporation stamp. Seven hundred and forty-five years before the invasion of Gliese, Frontiersmen ships sent out pings on all frequencies, which alerted all the space fairing societies of the discovery of a new world. At the time, this new world was closest to Dolrinion Offensive space, so it was believed that they would arrive before any other. However, Tri-Co CFO Allison Westbay called an emergency board meeting with all Four Sister Companies to the Corporation and got the unanimous approval from each member to claim the newly discovered planet as the sole territory homeworld for the Corporation.

Federate Corporation ships then and now are the most advanced of any Free World government, and the Federate Armada, which numbered six thousand warships, arrived before any other and claimed Dol’Arem as their homeworld. The Corporation labeled their claim as “Franchising a Planet.” When Supreme General Itano of Force Command Steel Talon came with his battlegroup, the famous saying spoken countless times by Federate battlefield commanders was uttered for the first time, “The Dolrinions have arrived.”

Battle broke out, and in the end, the Federate Corporation was victorious in their claim, which began the first Franchise War between both societies seven hundred and forty-five years ago. Five years later, the relations station was created, and the Four Sister Companies of the Federate Corporation became a recognized civilization with the others.

Citizen employees

Each citizen of the Federate Corporation is an employee from birth. All certificates of birth label each employee to one of the Four Sister Companies based on their parent’s employment record. Corporate Grade levels range from twenty for the lowest paying base-level employees to thirty-three for the highest-paid employee board members. Human Resources is always checking up on employees and monitoring their behavior to ensure productiveness. Employee lives are micromanaged, and deep-rooted propaganda is used to encourage positive morale and obedience. Married employees must obtain licenses from the Department of Family Management to have children. The same applies to other departments for moving, making significant purchases like homes/automobiles/space transports, and transferring employment to one of the other sister companies.

Employees who receive too many negative notations on their employment file are terminated from their sister company and must obtain new employment with one of the other three sisters within a three-month grace period. If the employee cannot gain employment, they’re taken by operators to the nearest chamber and eradicated. Federate Corporation Policy and Procedure guidelines dictate that no employee can be unproductive regardless of mental or medical status.

Four Sister Companies to the Corporation


Largest of the four sisters. Tri-Co holds the most board member positions, and the current center seat representative to the relations station is from this company. Tri-Co’s a major manufacturer of automated battle bots utilized on every battlefield where the Corporation fights. The three other sister companies purchase these war machines from Tri-Co constantly.

Genesis Foundation

Uses their subsidiaries to focus on planetary defense and internal security. Wireless firewall storage, cyber protection, and planetary defense grids are managed through Genesis Foundation. Flagged employees are monitored through internal security operations at the Department of Internal Security, commonly known as “The Vault.”

Excalibur Industries

One of their chief operations is maintaining all training facilities for Federate Operators. Excalibur employees are always on the vanguard of battlelines against Corporation enemies.

Green Scrap Consumers

The labor arm for the Corporation. Green Scrap holds the least amount of board seats, but their enterprise was critical for daily operations within Federate society. Waste management, operations trades, dock workers, factory line workers, and others are the primary employees for Green Scrap. Their roles aren’t viewed in the most admirable of lights, but their importance to the Corporation can’t be overstated.

Standard food sources

The Federate Corporation thrives on efficiency and bottom-line cost savings. Because of this driven focus, all employees of the Corporation eat artificial foods. Higher grade levels do indulge not on Dol’Arem or a colony world, but there aren’t stores to purchase real foods anywhere within Federate territories.

Federate Corporation’s flag

Four pillars (three in a straight line with the largest pushed forward and a fourth pillar inside) with four circles to depict the Four Sister Companies of the Corporation and four upside down chevrons on a backfield of gray.


Since the Federate Corporation spanned across the whole of occupied space before it became a recognized Free Worlds government, its primary language is the Language of Humanity. Through seven hundred and forty-five years of change, certain regions on Dol’Arem have incorporated their own dialects while still keeping to the core language

Military/Law enforcement/security

Federate Operators

The primary military, law enforcement, and security for the Corporation. Operators are skilled in first aid, defensive tactics, combat operations, verbal judo, and de-escalation techniques. Operators have broad powers. Some operators oversee policy and procedures violations, others stand guard in corporate buildings, while larger numbers fight in battlelines along combat zones. Federate Operators have broad oversight abilities to fulfill numerous roles.

Federate Air and Space Cab

Space arm for the Corporation that encompasses overall military, exploration, and scientific research throughout occupied space. Federate Fleet ships are the most advanced of any Free World government. Federate Capital ships are the largest vessels of any Free Worlds’ military. Their power is only matched by Chrysós Aetós heavy carriers. Popular opinion depends on the person, but all across humanity have differing views on which of the two is stronger.


Eight colonies which is the lowest number in Federate history. They’ve reduced colony locations through the years because of the first and second Franchise Wars against Dolrinion Offensive force commands.

Representatives on the relations station

  • Center Seat Jaxson Boran. Man of Many Numbers

  • Right Seat Cassandra Orwick

  • Left Seat Michael Decelle, Huntsman of the Corporation