Relations Station Main Cylinder

relations station main cylinder
Illustration by Pedro Moran
Leading authority Director's office of station command
Technology classification Free territory - High society
Military forces Station security
Number of Colonies none
Term for leaving the Great Darkness N/A
Inception 740 years BGI

An O’Neil gravity cylinder home to seven hundred and eighty million souls spanning thirty-two hundred kilometers in length with a constant gravity rotation. People standing anywhere in the main cylinder can look up and see clouds in the artificial sky and then look past to see the ground again. The station’s main body is the largest construction ever produced by all the Free Worlds combined technologies. Spaced out evenly across the cylinder are five embassy bubbles for each Free Worlds’ society. Inside the embassies dwell roughly one million souls under the laws and governance of their respective Free World. The director’s office of the main cylinder governs all citizenry through laws enforced by station command. Station command is independent of the Free Worlds and representatives under the dome. All people living in the main cylinder are Free Worlds citizens with all privileges of high society, including trade partnerships.

The main cylinder is a work of wonder and enchantment. Visitors to the station are taken back by the sheer size and brilliance of its splendor. Most visitors to the station have difficulty expressing the amazing sight of looking up to see thick white clouds, then seeing life happening on the ground across the other side. The most advanced technology available to every Free World government was engineered into the main cylinder.

Its original creation was to assist refugees who fled from planets caught in the middle of the first Franchise War between Federate Corporation and Dolrinion Offensive forces. The war turned two rogue worlds into scorched barren wastelands. Since then, it’s grown into a thriving society that could support itself with a gross domestic production to rival any other Free Worlds government.

The station had been the pinnacle of creation for our Free Worlds of Humanity since its foundation, and seeing endless ships, freighters, and public transports traveling in different directions like a locus swarm of chaos made me proud of our higher order by comparison to rogue worlds. This station is a beacon of light for humanity, helping guide the masses.

Center Seat Representative Henry McWright

The relations station follows Civil Earth's twelve-month calendar and has nearly two million visitors at any given time visiting the station. Regardless of a small village or major city, all population centers within the main cylinder have the word town within their names.

Eatontown: Popular shopping village with a main street and cafés in the southern region of the cylinder. Eatontown University is a well-known college within the main cylinder that has a popular power-ball team.

Maintown: Largest city with an industrial business park that has countless skyscrapers of private and governing enterprises. Maintown is located a few hundred kilometers north between the middle and top of the main cylinder.

Waynetown: A midsized city directly outside the Civil Earth bubble customs gate. Asbury Park is the largest public urban forest in the main cylinder that has exotic trees and plants from across occupied space, all mixed in a beautiful display of nature.

Bordertown: Quaint village near Maintown with private school and a college where many elites from across the Free Worlds attend.

Queenstown: Is a popular vacation destination of clear blue waters, palm trees and islands with hotels lining sandy coastlines.

Standard food sources

The relations station uses both artificial and real foods for its citizenry and visitors. The station is known for having the most culturally diverse restaurants and food stores within all occupied space.

Relations station flag

Their flag has five shields forming an open circle in the middle with a burst of light that signifies the lighthouse belief that the station is a light in the darkness to help guide rogue worlds into the light of advanced society.


All main cylinder citizens speak the Language of Humanity as their primary speech.

Military / Law enforcement / security

Station security under the authority of station command is responsible for the relations station’s main cylinder’s safety. Station security officers play many roles, including law enforcement, military, customs enforcement, and peacekeepers. They command several small but well-equipped fleets that conduct diplomatic operations throughout occupied space. Their fleet’s primary role is to act in defense of the main cylinder. After the Capitol Forum outlawed Dolrinion slave harvesting from the outer worlds, station security fleets were the primary enforcers of that decree.


The main cylinder doesn’t have any formal colonies. They send out research teams across the stars for scientific purposes because the main cylinder’s community of experts are among the best within the Free Worlds of Humanity. A number of them are also on loan working for main cylinder teams while representing their own governments.

Representatives to the relations station

Station command and the director's office don't have seats inside the five walls of the Capitol Forum. They've spoken out for years that they feel their time has come for formal recognition by the Free Worlds.