United Union

Leading authority Nejem Royal Family
Exalted Ruler King Sallu Nejem
Technology classification Lessor worlds - Medium society
Military forces Praetor guard
(elite class)
(standard class)
Number of colonies fifty total including royal world Helana
Term for leaving the Great Darkness Unknown
Inception 809 years Before Gliese Invasion

The United Union is a hereditary monarchy and left the Great Darkness when the First Exalted Ruler of the Union, King Mathmür Shabwan, consolidated his power on Helana by taking three brides who were all rival’s daughters. The queens gave him thirty-three children, which started the princepshood of royal blood. Even in those early days, the three queen mothers were jealous of each other and raised their children to view the others with suspicion as competitors. All the princes and princesses can trace back over eight hundred years’ worth of blood ties to the first ruler. Generations later, the first betrayal came when descendants of the second queen mother overthrew the first family who had grown complacent and weak. This act opened the doors to other royal blood families that grew in power to do the same.

Two hundred years BGI, the Nejem Family stole the title by conquest against the Haffé family in a historical event known as the Night of Tears. Nejem supporters sacked the royal palace on Helana and killed every last Haffé blood member. Exalted Ruler, King Sallu Nejem, has not sat in open court for over a year, and some prince and princess families whisper that he might have died. Queen Mother Hajra Nejem and First Crown Prince Lemu Nejem have sat in the king’s place, while Crown Princess Nanu uses her dragon lizards to intimidate those who try to stand up against her family.

The United Union has wanted nothing more than to be recognized with the Free Worlds of Humanity through the years without success. Their guest representatives inside the Capitol Forum try to swindle favor every chance they get, but those who sit center seat for each of the five walls keep the Union at bay.

Known Princepshood families with ancient royal blood

Nejem Royal Family

The current family in control of the royal palace on Helana.

  • Exalted Ruler, King Sallu Nejem
  • Queen Mother Hajra Nejem
  • First Crown Prince Lemu Nejem
  • First Crown Princess Nanu Nejem
  • Royal Prince Umoh Nejem (son of Lemu)

Luluman Second Family

The second most influential family within the United Union. Unofficially, members of this family are called Second in their surname, like Second Prince Vishna, a rival of First Crown Prince Lemu since their childhood.

  • Second Prince Mallak Luluman (head of house)
  • Second Princess Mother Gridora Luluman
  • Second Prince Vishna Luluman
  • Second Princess Ollia Luluman, First Beauty of the Union

Diakan Triennial Family

The third most powerful family within the United Union and close allies with the Nejem royals and constantly dueling against the Lulumans for power.

No named members yet.

Other named families to this point

  • Palfuthe family
  • Henju family
  • Wafaa family
  • Haffé royal family (extinct)
  • Shabwan royal family (extinct)

Standard food sources

United Union planets don't have a standard food source production. The most hospitable planets within the union are the Inner bulwark planetary systems near Helana. All union planets eat real food when they can get it. The general population doesn't have access to luxury food sources that the princes and princesses eat at each meal.

United Union’s flag

Not established in series yet.


Royal tongue of Helana. All thousand royal blood Princepshood family members, including the royal family, speak both the official royal dialect and Language of Humanity. All fifty worlds have their own speeches that locals use, but the royal tongue of Helana is considered to be the official language of the union.

Military/Law enforcement/security

Praetor guard

Elite special warriors that are the most devout to their prince and princess family palaces. Praetors are handpicked for their dedicated service within guardsmen's military units. They're the best armed and specifically loyal to their prince, princess or royal blood member.


Standard military service members are organized into divisions controlled by princes, princesses, or Praetor Legates. They serve within United Union fleets, act as royal blood enforcement officers, and serve within military roles. Most who join Guardsmen training do so for a better life and steady food.

Red Sand Warriors

A special division of Royal Guardsmen who act on behalf of the exalted ruler. The Nejem Royal family created them after the Night of Tears in an attempt to prevent the same fate from ever taking their family. These soldiers can conceal themselves in plain sight and use stealth to fight against enemies of the royal family.


Helana is the official homeworld for the United Union, with forty-nine other planets in their controlled territories within occupied space. The Princepshood families that makeup over one thousand princes and princesses each own palaces throughout their controlled areas. They try to enforce the will and law set down by Helana to the best of their abilities. In truth, outer planets on the edge of union space have little influence from Exalted Ruler Sallu Nejem. Those populations stay far away from the megalithic palaces where the poorest Princepshood members with ancient royal blood dwell in their fortified homes and barely leave.

Representatives on the relations station

The three honorary representatives who sit in the United Union guest seats inside the Capitol Forum are not yet named.

Two male, one female.