Status Free World
Occupying society Colonial Accord
Population (between all six worlds) 143 billion
Planet type Artificial
Capital city (not yet listed)
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1932 BGI

Ardum is an artificial world with a mostly continental climate. Its ruins from their world seed engine have nothing more than the foundation outlines now.

One unique aspect of Ardum that’s not present anywhere else in occupied space is the Red Rose of Ardum. With similar peddle shapes and coloring as standard roses from other artificial worlds, The weed-spreading flower is extremely resilient and can survive within any general condition on Ardum. The root systems proliferate throughout the entire planet, growing in deserts, arctic tundras, and damp caves. The Rose of Ardum represents the prevailing political party of the world, a rival of the Labor Party of Uropa.

This planet’s inhabitants spend billions of credits each year cutting back rose growths from roadways, suburban neighborhoods, and cities.

The world's current highest elected official is Chair Perley Temme, known to Labor Unions as the Strangler. He's the Rose Party's highest leader throughout the Accord.

Right Seat Representative JJ Richmond is from this planet, and he takes great pride in his political party and history with the Rose of Enduring.