Status Free World
Occupying society Federate Corporation
Population 50 billion
Planet type Artificial
Capital city (each sister company has one) Tri-Co: not identified. Genesis Foundation: Lavlen. Excalibur Industries: not identified. Green Scrap Consumers: not identified.
Years since leaving the Great Darkness N/A - founded 740 years BGI by a Free Worlds corporation.

Dol'Arem was an abandoned world when the Frontiersmen pinged its location to the rest of occupied space. The first Federate Corporation employees to fly through its landmasses saw ruined old world structures with an overgrowth of nature. The planet is artificial with massive broken pieces from the world seed engine that created it near the city of Lavlen.

Dol'Arem has a very hospitable climate similar to Earth before the Great Darkness. Major cities are scattered throughout the planet, with huge population centers for their swelling numbers. Since the Corporation prides itself on industry and technology, most populated areas have densely packed skyscrapers, factories, and spaceports. The Four Sisters of the Corporation each have a Capital City. The only Capital City told at this point is Lavlen, known as the City of Dreams.

Two massive satellite rings cross each other at the planet's equator and form two rings of protection through their defense grid which is the most advanced of any Free World society due to their constant threats of war and death from the Dolrinion Offensive.