Epsilon Prime

Status Free World
Occupying society Human Alliance
Population 26 billion
Planet type Artificial
City-state prime New-Sparta
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1790 BGI

Epsilon Prime is an artificial world that left the Years of Forgetting after the Great Compromise. The planet has twenty-one city-states with only one capital city in each. Past each city is vast wildernesses with rural villages where the planet’s inhabitants dwell.

The twenty-one cities for each state are so large that they can be seen from space, but endless rolling hills, tall peak mountains, and forests are past the cities. Epsilon Prime only has one supercontinent where twenty of the twenty-one have their borders. One city-state spans seven thousand islands on the western side of the continent, between the Argól and Green Oceans and Swizzle Sea.

Suburban communities don’t exist on Epsilon Prime. Instead, people either live in one of the twenty-one cities, hidden villages buried deep in the countryside or fishing communities along the coastlines.

People from this planet take great pride in their self-sufficient lifestyle. They count themselves among the hardiest within occupied space. Since the Unification Civil War, those states that sided with Athinia have suffered, and satellite photos show scorched landscapes from the war’s aftermath.