Status Rogue world
Occupying society in the Highlands Rogue Syndicate / Native Galmarians
Occupying society in the Lowlands Native Lowlanders
Population Unknown
Planet type Natural
Years since leaving the Great Darkness Highlands 465 years when the Rogue Syndicate took control / Lowland Natives are still privative in darkness

Galma is the most alien planet within all of occupied space. It’s divided into two specific regions; the Highlands, consisting of sharp-angled mountain ranges spaced out throughout the entire world, and the Lowlands, where anything below 300 meters (985 feet) is blanketed by a constant thick fog that never parts for sunlight to touch anything below.

Highlands of Galma

Any area above the fog primarily focused on the higher mountain ranges that span across the entire planet at differing elevations. These mountains are so vast that whole cities were built on them to support the Rogue Syndicates infrastructure. Animal life is common across the highlands, with unique species of goats, sheep, bobcats, and mountain lions. Some of the more popular mountain ranges have clear waterways that drain into large blue lakes and smaller streams that weave through each tall point. Governance of the Syndicate focuses their food growing efforts in hydroponic sky gardens since fertile farmlands in the Highlands are hard to come by. Native Galmarians who dwelled in the highlands since before the Great Darkness keep to secluded mountains far away from Syndicate Castles. They call the natives in the fog, Flatlanders.

Lowlands of Galma

All regions below the fog are where sunlight doesn’t touch, and visibility is never more than 4-6 meters (15-20 feet) ahead. The fog is constant, never yielding with a smell similar to cinnamon and rubber, yet still different. Lifeforms within the Lowlands are unique to this rogue world in that they evolved there naturally. A creature similar in appearance to normal-sized spiders is much larger and hunts on people as a food source. Due to the fog, living organisms, including plants, grow to tremendous sizes. Lighting bugs in the lowlands, though harmless, are the size of cats. The territories below the fog are mostly flat, with mushrooms, spider plants, and the orange and yellow glowing flowers known as lumintansies are all in abundance throughout the fog. Occurrences in the Highlands affect the Lowlands. When it rains up high, the Lowlands suffer from mudslides, rockfalls, and floods. Native Lowlanders had lived in the fog since before the Great Darkness evolved specifically to the conditions. Oversized pupils cover most of their eyes to help vision in the low lighting conditions. Due to this evolutionary trait, bright lights would damage Lowlander sight if viewing directly, so they always have dark-tinted goggles on their possession. The most toxic substances of all known space come from Galma’s plants and venomous animals and insects. These toxins are sought after throughout occupied for both medicinal and sinister purposes. Lowlanders call anyone from above the fog, White Eyes.