Status Rogue world
Occupying society Natives of Gliese
Polulation Nearly 1 billion
Planet type Artificial
Capital city Unknown
Years since leaving the Great Darkness Natives are still privative in darkness

Gliese is a rogue world with a native population in a developmental automation age of technology and globalization. The planet was made artificially using a world seed engine when Titans still lived there.

The general climate is continental with seasons and vast forests. One unique feature on Gliese is the marshlands which consist of fourteen percent of the planet. The region is dense, with swamps, stagnant water, papyrus, water lilies, bladderworts, frogs, alligators, constricting snakes and mosquitos. Gigantic fold mountains outline the northwestern corner of the marshlands. Its peaks are covered in snow with limited oxygen.

Gliese's native population has begun exploring their stellar system with basic satellites. They are aware of occupied space and the Free Worlds. The native population allows Free Worlds' researchers on their planet with hopes to trade or obtain advanced technology.