Status Outer world
Occupying society United Union
Population 18 billion (between fifty worlds)
Planet type Artificial
Highest royal line Nejem Royal Family - Exalted Ruler, King Sallu Nejem
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1405 BGI

Helana is the most hospitable planet within all outer worlds territories that encompass the outermost regions of occupied space. All the outer worlds are artificial, and their purpose to the Old World is unknown because of the unstable conditions on each. Helana, the Capital world for the Union, has the most generous climate, though it's still scorching temperatures with hot red sands cover large portions of the planet.

Each family of the thousand princes and princesses has a palace on the Capitol world of Helana. Most higher-class families only use Helana as a stepping stone to gain favor with either the Royal, Second, or tertiary families within the status of power between the thousand princes and princesses.