Status Free World
Occupying Society Dolrinion Offensive
Population 40 billion (estimated)
Planet Type Natural
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1860 BGI

Kora is a natural world and very different compared to most other air-breathing worlds within occupied space. Kora’s gravity pressure is three times higher than any other known planet in occupied space. Dolrinion evolution has changed their physical appearance from thousands of years living there.

The sky of Kora is always a blending of oranges and reds, and instead of normal cities like seen across the Free Worlds, Dolrinions have massive military fortresses surrounded by round roofed homes and perimeter walls with lookouts through towns that resemble military bases. Public spaces are not common sights on Kora. Dolrinion life demands obedience and purpose. Parks, general entertainment, and other chattels don’t exist on this planet.

Animal and plant life doesn’t resemble those found on artificial worlds mirrored after Earth before the Great Darkness. For example, Kora’s southern wastelands of desert and heat have giant black-tailed scorpions prowling the landscape. They’re considered one of the most aggressive creatures in occupied space, not counting the insects and other wonders in the Lowlands of Galma.

The most famous natural formation on Kora is the memory stone. It’s just shy of a kilometer high (3200 feet) and spans almost twenty-nine kilometers (18 miles) in length. The stone is technically one solid piece that resembles a mountain and travels down to the planet’s core. Its main color is purple with a reflective sheen that a person can just barely see their reflection in when standing close to it. Random green sparkles reflect any light, including the yellow glow beneath the surface of the rock.

Dolrinion religion has caretakers who etch names of fallen sentinels into the memory stone where a yellow glow emits for all time. The memory stone always has a slight vibration and humming sound coming from it. No other location in occupied space has any natural wonder such as this, and Dolrinions take great pride in that known fact.

When Kora left the Great Darkness after the founders of the first five Force Commands touched the memory stone and saw visions on how to leave the dark times, the Dolrinion Offensive spread out into the stars using Kora as their basis for conquest. If the rest of humanity couldn’t survive the high gravity of Kora for prolonged periods, why should they have any right to be free? Initially, only the current Free Worlds of Humanity could hold back Dolrinion aggression.