Status Free World
Occupying society Colonial Accord
Population (between all six worlds) 143 billion
Planet type Artificial
Capital city (not yet listed)
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1932 BGI

Lars has limited information currently listed.

It's an artificial world without major landmass continents. Instead, Lars is filled with countless numbers of islands peppered throughout the oceans of the planet. One of the most well-known islands is New Greta which produces the best wines in occupied space. New Greta red, white, and blush.

The current elected leader of Lars is Chair Newfield, a Labor Party union member of the Alliance of Mass Transit. The Left Seat Representative to the Capitol Forum on the relations station is Representative Keng, the Angry Tigress of Lars. Her union, Fraternal Order of Operating Engineers, and AMT constantly oppose each other for control of Lars.