Status Rogue world
Occupying society Pirates of Leo (Pirates of the Burgundy)
Population Unknown
Planet type Natural
Capital city Unknown
Years since leaving the Great Darkness Some point in the last 800 years

A natural planet that is the smallest of the three pirate worlds. Leo’s a hard place to live with vast jungles home to extremely dangerous predators. A famous location known to the three pirate worlds is the Jungle of Death. Pirates of the Burgundy that successfully survive, venturing into the treacherous thick forests and return to tell the tale, earn a special tattoo of Leo on their face.

Because of the planet’s hostile nature, the native population is not as large as the other pirate worlds. Where Leo lacks in numbers, they make up for it with their toughness and cunning.

According to the Free Worlds, even though Leo’s civilization has faster than light space capabilities, they are not viewed as having left their darkness yet. Technically they have left the Great Darkness.