Status Free World
Occupying society Colonial Accord
Population (between all six worlds) 143 billion
Planet type Natural
Capital city Warwick
Years since leaving the Great Darkness 1932 BGI

Uropa is the capital world for the Colonial Accord and its five other planets, Ardum, Tautrus, Lars, Pardalis, and Talbora. Uropa formed naturally, though the predatory conditions/animals/viruses and bugs were eradicated during its colonization before the Great Darkness.

Like all six planets in its system, which were given the nickname Breadbasket of Humanity, Uropa is perfect for grain growth, but because of political leadership through the Labor Party, Uropa has booming industry, factories, and processing plants. Pollution is managed through recycling technologies that don't take away from the massive labor-intensive worksites run by Labor unions where huge smokestacks blanket the skies.

The people of Uropa, who primarily support Labor Party efforts, see themselves as superior to the other five planets within their stellar system. The capital city Warwick is home to the headquarters for each union of Labor.

Uropa is a natural planet with dark green oceans and a blended bluish-green sky. Through trade, they have brought many artificial world animals common on Earth in the Old World, which has made Uropa appear more familiar like most occupied space planets.

The world's current highest elected official is Chair Sadie Enama, a Labor Party union leader for the Federation of Iron Workers.

Uropa's most well-known politician is Center Seat Representative Henry McWright, a career politician, union president of the Twenty-Third Entente, and Labor Party leader who wields the Hammer of Labor in his office under the dome of the Capitol Forum.