Known Societies And Their Governance

Free Worlds of Humanity has three classifications for recognized societies within occupied space.

Free Worlds Society: A governing civilization that has officially left the Great Darkness and has representation inside the five walls of the Capitol Forum on the relations station. All citizenry of the Free Worlds governments is a protected class within occupied space.

Rogue Worlds Society: Civilizations that are either technologically interior or still classified as living in the Great Darkness. Officially labeled as any planet not recognized as a Free Worlds government or not of the United Union’s outer worlds. People within these societies are not a protected class.

Outer Worlds Society: Not an official classification. Technically, the 50 outer worlds of the United Union are considered rogue worlds, but through the Free Worlds’ Relations Policy, the Union has privileges that other rogue worlds don’t, including trade with the Free Worlds, a guest seat inside the pentagon, and protection from the Dolrinion slave trade.